Ownership Protection Plans

Moses offers many ownership protection options, including extended vehicle protection plans, maintenance plans, and other products to help extend the life of your vehicle and protect your investment. Our experienced team of Moses Business Managers are at the ready at the time of sale, and even well after your purchase, to review these options with you to ensure that your vehicle is fully protected. 

Vehicle Service Agreement
 When your factory warranty expires, our Vehicle Service Agreement gives you peace of mind.  You will continue to enjoy extensive coverage of key components, including thorough mechanical, computer, and electrical protection depending on which level of coverage you select.  

Extended Maintenance Plan
Proper maintenance pays off in ways beyond just extending the life and performance of your car.  A well-maintained vehicle has a higher resale value.  The maintenance plan also insulates you against potentially costly repairs in the future, and it even has environmental benefits; a well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel and has lower emissions.  

Tire and Wheel Coverage
Protection from common road hazards, 24-hour Roadside Assistance, and a low deductible- those are just a few benefits of our Tire and Wheel Coverage.  It also includes full repair or replacement reimbursement for tires and mounting, wheels, balancing, and more.  Coverage even carries over to new tires for the remainder of your term. 

Dent Protection
No matter how careful you are protecting your car from door dings, inevitably someone else is a little less careful.  To help keep your car in showroom condition, we offer dent protection coverage on both new and preowned vehicles.  Minor dents and dings are repaired by a certified technician.  In most cases, PDR is an extremely effective option for door dings and small dents (hail damage and paint scratches are not covered) because it uses specialized hand tools to flex the metal to its original form.  You have unlimited use of your dent protection for the duration of the plan. 

Lease Protection Plan
Make your lease even more worry-free.  Our Lease Protection Plan covers you in the case of excess wear during your lease term, with no deductible.  It also waives excess mileage charges and covers missing or broken parts.  

GAP Coverage
GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) eliminates one of the biggest worries about accidents and vehicle thefts: the potential gap between your vehicle's insurance value and the amount remaining on your loan or lease.  If your vehicle is declared a total loss due to accident or theft, GAP may do more than just cover the remaining balance on your lease or loan.  It also helps cover the deductible on physical damage insurance and gives you the option of a discount allowance when replacing your automobile with us.