The Right Kind of Competitive Atmosphere

People who work at Moses are smart and talented.  We know, because our interview process is extensive, exhaustive, and exclusive.  We hire the best and brightest, who care about their personal  development and taking extra care to keep our customers happy and coming back to us again and again.  Bringing together a lot of high-performing people in an organization with high standards of service creates a spirited and fun atmosphere that feels elite, but not elitist.  We help keep each other on our toes, and it shows.  As one of our customers told us, "you reminded me that buying a car could be fun again.

You Get to Contribute from Day 1- We hire the best people, so it only makes sense that we would listen to what they have to say and learn from what they do.  Performance-oriented thinking means everyone matters.  It is more about what you do than how long you have been here.  Some of our best ideas have come from the fresh perspective of new recruits.

Great Service Creates Great Opportunities- As Moses grows, we look for leaders.  The formula is pretty simple.  When we do a good job with our customers and associates, we grow.  When we grow, there is more opportunity for advancement.  That is how we have been building our business for over 75 years.  So how does your good performance get noticed?  We have built systems to make sure it does.  For instance, customer feedback on surveys and reviews, as well as comments from monthly one-on-one meetings with your manager lets us know how you are doing.  Knowing that the customer is the ultimate inspector brings out the best in all of us and gives us great feedback on our performance.